Time Machine

It was my first time to go to Ilocos last September 11 for our Art Studies 141 (Photography as Art) class. The whole experience was unforgettable because I got to rekindle my passion for photography and my film production thesis because of it. I felt like the trip was meant for me because I was so jaded with balancing personal errands, my part-time job, overwhelming graduating student academic overload and my responsibility as the president of my organization. For me, the experience was like a riding a time machine that brought me to the past, a past devoid of the complexities and ‘harshness’ of the urban lifestyle . We went to different places that are totally visual feasts like museums, cultural heritage sites, beaches and old churches. We ate famous delicacies of the province and interacted with some of the people and saw their livelihood. I was so engrossed with the places that I kept taking pictures. I was able to practice my photography skills again because it has been a while since I last took pictures. A certain beach called the Currimao Beach also caught my attention because of the rock formations I was looking for for a location in my thesis production. Another highlight was also meeting new people and enjoying with them this new discovery that I was at.

Here’s a picture of the locals at Pug-os Beach. I shot this with Canon 7D with a 24-70mm f/2.8 Canon lens.

I’ll be uploading more photos once I get a more stable connection at home.



My Home Along the Reels

Three years ago I joined an organization in my university called the U.P. Cineastes’ Studio and it was the best decision I have made as a film student so far. It became my second home. I was with this family in the highest and lowest points in my college life. Not only did I learned more about filmmaking, I also learned valuable life lessons. I can say that it equipped me with not just knowledge but also important lessons and experience that I can use when I’m already out there in the battlefield of media. I guess the most apparent change that I have seen in myself is my confidence level. I used to be the typical introverted shy type of person but my family in Cineastes helped me see beyond the frame and step out of my comfort zone.

Now that I’m in my graduating year, I hope I can give back to the organization all the priceless lessons it taught me and I also hope that more people consider the opportunity to grow in this organization as well.




I’m reviving this account that I haven’t updated for years since I last made it in 2009. This is actually for my class Communication Research 125 (and yes, I’ve deleted all the embarassing rants I have put up here). I’ve always wanted to maintain a blog and I’m taking this class requirement as an opportunity to really take time to write about the stuff that I have been doing and all the stuff I like.

Probably you’ll be reading more about art, film, design, photography and culture and from time to time I’ll be sharing some of my works.


perfect symmetry



evaluation series 1I’m doing this series where in I ask people to complete this sentence.

I used to believe in ___. But now I know _____.

I think of it as how people evaluate themselves. Sort of like a peek into what’s really going on with them. I believe that “realizing” is a powerful event and I adroitly try to translate them through some of the art that I create. I relate the words to the images and position them carefully.

Words on this image are by my friend Mayee.